Hey, I'm Pedro Elton

Front-end Developer
& UI/UX Designer

With three years of experience under my belt, I've honed my skills in web design and UI/UX design. As a Junior Frontend Developer, I'm proficient in using ReactJs, React Native, JavaScript, and Python to bring user-centered designs to life.


Pedro is one of the most incredible guys I ever met, as a person I have no word to describe him, as a professional, the best word to describe Pedro is commitment. His commitment to accomplish tasks and his strength to develop new skills are speechless
- Warley Godoi, Hedge fund manager - Cascais, Portugal.
Mobile financial app mockup

A Comprehensive Overview of My Skills and Experiences

With a diverse range of experiences in design, development, marketing, and management, I bring a well-rounded perspective to every project. My broad skill set allows me to find innovative solutions and add value to your company. These are some of the skills I bring to the table:

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My numbers in 2021/2022

Considering only web design, UI & UX design. I am not considering development due to the projects were for learning purpose.

Screens designed

Websites done


Dektos (UI/UX, Web Design and auditing)

Dektos was a social media platform for finance and trading with a mission to bridge the gap between institutional and retail investors by spreading knowledge. I was responsible for creating the business model, features, and design from scratch, as well as managing the development team and auditing their work. I designed over 200 screens, each with unique functionalities.

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3 designs made on figma

My Toolkit for Successful Delivery

I utilize a variety of tools to bring my projects to fruition. With a clear process, a focus on simplicity, and the right tools, I am able to bring ideas, processes, products, and strategies to life for your business. Let's work together to achieve your goals.